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online high school student Pinnacle Online High School’s program provides students with interesting, rigorous, and fully accredited online high school courses delivered via the internet.  Students can work on their courses from their own ideal working environment – home, the library, a park bench, or your villa in the Alps – you just need a computer with internet connection. All the books and tools which your courses may require will be provided through our program.

Pinnacle offers more than just a textbook-online experience. Our unique curriculum uses a variety of methods to engage students in the learning process.  We have blended state-of-the-art technology, dynamic curriculum, and an easy-to-use course interface to create a learning environment that is flexible and suitable for a variety of learners. To see one of our online courses check out the Online Course Tour, Algebra 1A. Pinnacle’s certified online instructors are available throughout the day (and most of the evening) to answer questions and offer assistance to each individual student.  We really want each student to feel like they are receiving all of the help they need to succeed.

At Pinnacle Education, there are two online high school programs:

Full-time Virtual

More and more students each year are choosing our full-time virtual program.  Because Pinnacle Education is a fully-accredited online high school, we can issue a certified high school diploma to students who successfully meet graduation requirements.  To learn more about being a full-time Pinnacle Online High School student, click here.

Concurrent Enrollment

Pinnacle Online High School’s flexible concurrent enrollment program is the answer for students who need a course or two (or three or four) to help them graduate on-time, or recover credits from some previously failed classes.  Students can take a Pinnacle online course while still attending their own high school and, upon successful completion, transfer the course credit to their traditional brick-and-mortar high school.  This is a great option for those students who are looking for flexibility in their education.  To learn more about being a concurrent Pinnacle Online High School student, click here.

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