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online high school students Are you a few credits short for graduation?

Are you struggling to fit another required course into your already full schedule?

Concurrent students are those students who continue to attend their traditional high school while taking one or two online courses from Pinnacle at the same time.

Pinnacle Online High School is the perfect solution for high school students who are seeking a few courses to help with their graduation plans. Pinnacle’s online courses perfectly compliment any student’s full-time traditional school activities.  Take a course from Pinnacle Online High School and complete your course work when it’s convenient for you.  Once you complete your Pinnacle online high school course, you can transfer your course credit back to your traditional high school.

Pinnacle Online High School offers a wide variety of high school-level classes – in such subjects as English, mathematics, science, social studies and foreign language. You can enroll at any time of the year and complete courses at your own pace.

Student Athletes - Online courses

Pinnacle's concurrent program is also ideal for student athletes. Pinnacle Online High School is one of the very few online high schools in the country . This means that Pinnacle courses can help student athletes to acheive and maintain their initial elegibility. If you'd like to learn more about our accredated courses check out our accreditations.

Pinnacle Online High School is a great option for students who are attending brick-and-mortar high school.  To learn more about how you can enroll as a concurrent student with Pinnacle Online High School, contact an enrollment advisor today.

Contact an enrollment counselor to learn more.

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