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Campus Address and Contact Info
Mesa Pinnacle students 151 N Centennial Way
Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: 480-668-5003
Fax: 480-668-5005
Office Hours: M-F 7:30am-4:00pm

Principal: Ms. Margaret Peterson
Receptionist: Ms. Rhonda McMeekan

Pinnacle Charter High School -- Mesa, has been in operation since 1996, shortly after the state legislature passed the charter school initiative. We were one of the first charter schools in Arizona, and one of the first fully accredited charter schools in the state. To this day we continue to be an innovator of educational delivery.

Our Mesa campus serves a student population that is seeking success in an environment other than the "traditional" school setting. The school is located in downtown Mesa, across the street from the Mesa Public Library.

Students at Pinnacle's Mesa campus have a 25-2 teacher/student ratio, allowing for more specialized help for longer periods of time than in typical school environments. The expectations on behavior, attendance, and performance are high in order to provide the best possible learning environment. Once the student has successfully completed a class, graduation does not seem out of reach, but rather part of a step-by-step process that ultimately lies in the hands of the student rather than the educational institution. PCHS is student driven and understands that students learn differently and have different competencies. Students at PCHS are individuals and are treated as such, to better serve each student's academic needs.

Our dedicated staff has many years of experience, and every staff member makes a concerted effort to get to know all of the students at the site. By building rapport and forming relationships, the staff is motivated to see the students excel as students and individuals. Pinnacle – Mesa is an example of the blending of strong curriculum, community involvement and dedicated staff.


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