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Pinnacle Education FAQ’S

What is an online high school and is it right for me?
An online high school is esentially a traditional school that is based online. You have the same curriculum, assignments, and settings, it's just delivered to you in an online environment. When taking classes at Pinnacle, you can earn your high school diploma online and work at a pace that fits your schedule. This is perfect for students who are looking for an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar setting, but still want the traditional education in an alternative setting and delivery.

What makes Pinnacle Online High School unique among other online schools? 
Our unmatched student support and innovative technology will provide you the best in online education.  We use dynamic content and engaging e-books in all of our courses. Our students also benefit by having a Virtual Learning Center open 7am – 11pm MST (Mon thru Thurs.), 7 am-8pm MST (FRI), and 8am – 3:30pm MST (Sat) so you can receive one-on-one help from your teacher. 

Our technology system allows our students to receive the best level of engagement from their Online Instructor.  This system compiles student performance data automatically and allows the Instructor to spend more time assisting students and less time searching for information.  

How do Pinnacle Online High School courses differ from traditional classroom courses? 
Our curriculum is designed using some of the most advanced course design framework available and is regularly updated to meet the demands of our students and state standards.  Our subject-matter-experts have also incorporated interactive tools, dynamic online text-books, embeded videos and discussion threads within the courses. The end result is our content, instruction and assessments come together to provide a deep understanding of the concepts necessary for students to succeed in their classes.

I want to graduate early, how can Pinnacle Online High School help me do that?
Finish your credits at your pace and be able to graduate early! Pinnacle students may enroll in 2 online courses at a time. Students have up to 12 weeks to complete a course; however, they may complete them as quickly as they want. Once a student has successfully completed a course, they can transfer their credits to their home school.

Can Pinnacle Online High School help me make up courses that I did poorly in at my traditional high school?
Yes! If you need to make up a particular class, semester or even a grade, we can provide you the resources to make up credits quickly. 

I live outside the United States, can I still attend Pinnacle and will my credits count at my high school?
Yes, Pinnacle is internationally accredited though the Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation (CITA) which allows schools outside the US to accept our credits. Visit Pinnacle Online High School for more information.

I’m an older student but don’t have my high school degree; can I attend Pinnacle Online High School?
Yes, we have an excellent adult education program that will allow you to earn your high school diploma all from home. Visit Pinnacle Online High School for more information.

I’m being home schooled; can I get some of my credits through Pinnacle Online High School? 
Yes. Pinnacle works well with home schooled students and can provide courses that work in conjunction with your home school program.   Visit our course offerings to determine which classes fit your need and speak with our enrollment counselors.


How do I enroll?
Students can enroll with Pinnacle Education by calling our Enrollment department and speaking with an enrollment specialist - 888.567.1844. We currently do not enroll students through any online forms. You must speak with an enrollment specialist.

What documents are required to enroll a student?
A concurrent student enrolling with Pinnacle Education will need to provide us with:

  • a photo ID (i.e. - driver's license, passport, or school id)

A full-time student enrolling with Pinnacle will need to provide us with:

  • a photo id - If the photo ID is not a state-issued ID, the student MUST provide a copy of his/her birth certificate in addition to the photo ID.
  • a copy of the student's immunization record
  • a copy of the student's transcripts (this would include all transcripts from any HIGH school where the student has attended grades 9-12)
  • a withdrawal form from most recent school (not applicable to incoming Freshmen)
  • AIMS test scores AND dates for any 10-12th grade students (out-of-state-students must provide their state's equivalent standardized test scores and dates

All documents need to either be delivered to Pinnacle Education at 3225 S. Hardy, Tempe, AZ 85282, emailed to, or faxed to 480.755.8223. Please note that if you fax a copy of the student ID we recommend first making an enlarged and lightened copy and then faxing that copy.

Once a student enrolls, how long before he/she can start their course work?
When a student can begin their course work depends upon whether or not a student has enrolled as a concurrent student, a site-based student, or a full-time virtual student.

Concurrent students can start their course work about 48 hours after all of their required documents have been submitted and approved. This is contingent upon the term start date. In other words, if our Fall term starts on August 7th, a student who gets all their required documents in and approved on July 20th, still cannot start their course work until August 7th. However, if a concurrent student enrolls and gets all of their required documents in on August 7th, then they can expect to start their course within 48hrs of receiving approval.

Our site-based students must participate in a school orientation before they can begin their course work. Site's conduct their school orientation courses every Monday. When a student enrolls at one of our sites the site receptionist will coordinate a start date and time with the enrolling student. Again, this is contingent upon the term start date.

Those students who enroll with Pinnacle Education as a full-time virtual student may access their courses approximately 3 business days, after their enrollment documentation has been approved. Again, this is contingent upon the term start date.


Is Pinnacle Online High School accredited?
Yes. Pinnacle is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA), Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA), and the NCAA.  For more information, please click here.

If I graduate through Pinnacle, do I receive a GED or a real diploma?
You will receive an Arizona state certified diploma showing that you completed all of the requirements for high school.

How do I get my transcripts?
Please submit a request to to receive a transcript. Please include your full name, phone number, and current address. Summer session transcripts are automatically mailed out at the end of our July session.


How can I find out what courses are available?
You can visit our Course Catalog page or contact an enrollment counselor today.  You may also click here to download a copy of the Pinnacle Course Catalog or contact 1.888.567.1844 option 3 and speak with an Enrollment Counselor today.

When can I register for classes?
Pinnacle Online High School has an open enrollment process, meaning that students can sign up any time, and start their class(es) as soon as enrollment and registration is complete. Contact an enrollment counselor today: 1.888.567.1844 option 3.

How do I register?
It’s easy!  Just click here to get started. You will be given the steps you need to complete the registration process.

How long will I have to complete a course?
All of our courses during the school year run for 12 weeks. Summer courses run approximately 4 weeks. You may go at your own speed within that 12 weeks. You are welcome to complete the courses as quickly as you want, your progress is simply determined by your successful completion of the assessments and assignments.

Do I need textbooks and other materials, and how do I get them?
No. All of the materials for your class will be available to you when you log into your course.  You may however need to check our computer requirements page to make sure your computer meets our basic requirements.

Can I contact my instructor if I have questions about an assignment?
Absolutely! In addition to email, our students benefit by having our Virtual Learning Center open 7am – 11pm MST (Mon thru Thurs.), 7am-8pm MST (FRI), and 8am – 4pm MST(Sat), so you can call-in and receive one-on-one help from your teacher. 

How are tests administered to ensure no cheating occurs?
Students are informed of our policy during the registration process. For more information, please call our Student Services Department at 480-755-8222 ext. 2965.

How can a parent or guardian monitor a student’s progress and grades? 
Our technology offers real-time reporting that will allow parents/guardians to monitor student progress, whenever they have access to the internet. Additionally, our instruction team monitors and communicates regularly with parents to ensure student success. Parents/Guardians simply need to call Student Services Department at 480-755-8222 ext. 2965 to speak to a Virtual Guidance Conselor.



What if my login and/or username are not working?
Please call Registration & Enrollment at 1.888.567.1844 option 3. They will check to make sure all your account information is correct and help resolve any issues that you are having.

Who do I contact if I have technical problems with my online courses?
If you are experiencing technical problems with your online course, please contact your instructor via email or call 1-(888)567-1844 option 5. 

How can I tell what browser I have on my computer and what version it is?
To check the browser version, select HELP at the top of your browser and scroll down to ABOUT INTERNET EXPLORER or ABOUT NETSCAPE. Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher works best.

What additional software do I need?
In order to view all of our multimedia products, please make sure you have the latest drivers installed on your computer and check out the specs below.

What are the minimum computer requirements?

  • Pentium III Processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 125MB available hard disk space
  • One of the following operating systems:
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with SP1a or above
    • Microsoft® Windows® Vista
    • Macintosh OS/X
  • Microsoft® Office Suite or Open Office
  • One of the following Software components:
    • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.0 with SP1
      • Note: Pop-up blocking disabled
      • Note: JavaScript enabled
    • Mozilla Firefox 2.0
      • Note: Pop-up blocking disabled
      • Note: JavaScript enabled
  • Internet Connection
    • 128 Kb/s or higher


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